We’re charting a new path in the broadband infrastructure business

Bandwidth IG is rapidly deploying ultra-high capacity fiber optic cables for the sole purpose of providing dark fiber connectivity. Bandwidth IG offers a new network which is intentionally placed to ensure minimal overlap with competitor networks. This network topology along with our high density of fiber gives Bandwidth IG the ability to deliver high volume, high quality, low latency dark fiber networks for a better value than competitors.

Our newly built networks are strategically located in the global technology hubs of the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Atlanta and Greater Portland. Our San Francisco Bay Area network reaches almost 50 major data centers, our Greater Atlanta network serves more than 10 data centers to include the expanding data center market in Douglas County, and our Greater Portland network reaches more than 10 data centers.

With more major data center operators constructing new facilities in these key markets, growth will continue to be robust across North America. Whether your needs require a handful of fibers or hundreds of fibers, Bandwidth IG is prepared to serve you through our 100% buried, high-count fiber optic network.

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Bandwidth IG operates the go-to dark fiber network throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Atlanta and Greater Portland.

San Francisco Bay Area

Greater Atlanta

Greater Portland