Advanced Broadband Solutions Means Your Business Is Always On, Always Thriving

Bandwidth IG’s metro networks in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Atlanta and Greater Portland are built to our exacting specifications for the sole purpose of providing ultra-dense, high capacity dark fiber.

The systems are populated with large capacity fiber cables to meet the demand for high count dark fiber connectivity and allow our customers to future-proof their network infrastructure.

Data Center Connect

Data intensive businesses know that the network is a top priority. More and more, IT plans are centered on expanding data center footprints and firing up ever-greater broadband connectivity. As you work through your IT infrastructure plans make sure you have best in class network solutions.

Corporate Connect

Enterprises that are growing exponentially need to rapidly scale their bandwidth. Bandwidth IG’s dark fiber network provides virtually unlimited bandwidth allowing optimal connectivity for your customers. Make sure that your business has the necessary resources to scale your network now and into the future.

Custom Solutions

Large enterprises such as technology businesses, colleges and healthcare providers have complex data infrastructure needs. This almost always includes high bandwidth and connectivity between multiple buildings and data centers. Bandwidth IG’s can address your complex requirements by designing a custom network that delivers resilient, scalable bandwidth.

Bandwidth IG Applications

Data Center

Connect your data centers with our state-of-the-art dark fiber network to achieve highly scalable & secure data transmission


Scale your company’s bandwidth by leveraging our dedicated dark fiber network


Unlock revolutionary healthcare technology with best in class broadband solutions

Higher Education

Enable technology intensive education programs with secure, unlimited bandwidth